August 2014 Kickoff Meeting Recap

The 2014-15 ISA Savannah River Section Kickoff meeting started off the year very nicely. The event was well attended by ISA and IEEE engineering professionals. The section was honored to have in attendance the 2014-15 ISA Society President, Dr. Peggie Koon, an Augusta native. Dr. Koon gave us some insight on the ISA vision and perspective with regard to the ISA Strategic Direction, focusing heavily on one of the five Strategies, Cyber Security. Her address was followed up with the evening's technical presentation on Cyber Security, given by Chuck Tommey of A&E Engineering. Mr. Tommey gave an informative and timely presentation about the dangers of cyber attacks and hacking as well as what we can do to secure our controls systems from such attacks.

A big thanks to Dr. Koon and Mr. Tommey for speaking, and to all the ISA and IEEE members who attended. A few pictures from the evening are shown below; for the full photo album from the event, please visit Savannah River Section's Flickr page:

Aug2014_DaveLachman | ISA - Savannah River Section

2014-2015 Section President Dave Lachman goes over ISA Savannah River Section information

Aug2014_PeggyKoon | ISA - Savannah River Section

2014-2015 ISA National President Dr. Peggy Koon addresses the group

Aug2014_ChuckTommey | ISA - Savannah River Section

August Kickoff Meeting Presenter Chuck Tommey of A&E Engineering gives a speech about Cyber Security

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