2015-2016 Savannah River Section Officers

David Lachman

Lachman3 | ISA - Savannah River Section

The 2015-16 Section President is David Lachman. As a senior member, Dave has been involved with ISA for over 23 years, attending meetings and giving presentations to the local section. He is also a senior member of IEEE and has held offices and been involved with this organization for over 40 years. His background includes instrumentation/electrical designs for water/wastewater treatment facilities, power plants, manufacturing and chemical facilities, while working for various consulting firms and Ashland Chemical Company. He is presently an independent consultant on electrical and controls projects, and as a project manager.

Contact Dave:
email | davelachmanee@bellsouth.net
cell | 706.799.9222

Bruce Van Peursem

Peursem | ISA - Savannah River Section

The 2015-16 Section Vice President and Treasurer is Bruce Van Peursem. Bruce graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BS in Electrical Engineering. His first engineering job was with IBM, working on semiconductor circuit design on a random logic chip followed by system architecture for an analog signal processor. After a 15 year break from engineering Bruce returned to work as an electrical engineer on projects at the Savannah River Remediation company. He has been in this position with SRR for 12 years.

Contact Bruce:
email | bruce.vanpeursem@srs.org
work | 803.952.3041

Rajanikant Patel

Raj Patel | ISA - Savannah River Section

The 2015-16 Section Secretary is Rajanikant Patel. Raj also serves as the Section Delegate and handles the Standards and Practices for the Section. He has been a member of ISA since 1986, as well as an IEEE member since 1978. Raj recently retired from Augusta Service Company, Inc where he was a staff engineer.

Contact Raj:
email | rpatel@knology.net
cell | 706.631.1416

Lance Brown

Lance Brown | ISA - Savannah River Section

The 2015-16 Education and Scholarship Chair is Lance Brown. Lance is a contract I&C Engineer with 30 plus years experience in design, development, and engineering management. He is also a Senior Member of ISA.



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